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3BS.IT - COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGIES Value your business Think smart


Reach more users with an indexed website optimized for desktop and mobile devices.


It is important to advertise and let your business be known. We will help you create new relationships and this means that the company will sell more!

Software development

As the term “cloud” is now of common use, you can make use of it at the best of its potential.


B2B and B2C: start your business with functional working solutions, new, customised and suitable for your target.

Creative design

Nowadays, communication is quick and given within seconds. Visual impact, immediacy and effectiveness are fundamental.

Security and Privacy

Are you protected? All workplaces need to protect customers’ and team's data and privacy.

System information

We are skilled in providing digital services made for any enterprise.


As of today, communication is all based within internet: phones, TV, entertainment and further more. The synergy between these solutions creates your new virtual office.

About us borns by the cooperation of freelancers and companies who works together in a consolidate team to offer the highest level of services by bringing together and enhancing the skills of the individual components. The variety of skills allows us to offer a wide range of services ranging from consultancy to design, from construction to maintenance. Our target is small and big companies, but we also work with the Public Administration and with some major brands on the national and international market.