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As of today, communication is all based within internet: phones, TV, entertainment and further more. The synergy between these solutions creates your new virtual office.

Having all servers and fundamental services in the cloud, including switchboards, will allow you to always be in control of your company. Your mobile phone can turn into your office phone, remote facilities can now communicate easily like they are one, and documents, software and services can be used from the team anywhere, maintaining privacy, needs and safety the top priority.


Whether it is ADSL, VDSL, Fiber-optic (FTTC or FTTH), LTE, WiMax, or satellite, we can always offer the best available technology, furthermore, with our appliances we can also expand connection limits merging together more connections.

Always online

Remain constantly connected using a ready to use backup connection, to never be out with the network.


Whether they are in the cloud on within your venues, our technologies will always be available to grant you the best service and functionality suited to your needs.

A voice guiding you

The switchboard will allow you to create advanced IVRs that, receiving users’ information, will respond based on your CRM or data base. It is possible to make the process of calling all your customers to interact with them automatic.


Phone lines are now digital, and this allows you to have as many active phone numbers you would like at the same time, they will follow you everywhere despite the location and the network operator.


Do you want to have a number for each department or team member? We will provide you with a GNR stream of 10, 100 or 1000 consecutive public phone numbers, with a common root.