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B2B and B2C: start your business with functional working solutions, new, customised and suitable for your target.

We use proper technologies to give you an online sales platform suitable for your business and designed for your sales area. We also deal with all the technicality, the functionality and all communication aspects, offering a ready-to-go service.


We will design your shop together and we will analyse the most appropriate market strategies and how to maximise the investment to further develop the business.


Upon dedicated analysis we will select the most suitable solution for your needs, and customise it to best suit it to your communication and sales requirements.


We can create interfaces and systems to synchronise data from your management software and the online sales platform.


Marketing is important. Unlike a shop window, that can make people walking by stop, in an online shop you will need to direct people using adequate strategies and selected advertisements.


Increase your selling chances by connecting your e-shop to the most popular online marketplaces (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping)

Domain names, hosting, backup

We will register your web address, manage your e-mail services, hosting infrastructures, backup and security.